Мария Андрющенко

Maria Andryushchenko

Art critic, musical theatre researcher

Editor of the Literary and Publishing Department at the Bolshoi Theatre. 

Graduated from Saratov State University with a degree in art history in 2013, a master’s degree in Art Criticism (2015) and a master’s degree in Musical Criticism (2020) of the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences of St. Petersburg State University. 

Sphere of interests—director’s opera. The theme of the Master’s Dissertation: “Director’s opera as an intellectual laboratory of our time on the example of the productions of Romeo Castellucci,” scientific supervisor N. M. Savchenkova. 

Selected publications: “Khroniki raspada” [“Chronicles of the Decay”], co-authored with A. Makarova (Bolshoi Theatre booklet for the opera “Salome,” 2021); “Franki, mavry, ptitsy i nemetskaya shinel’” [“Franks, Moors, Birds and the German Overcoat”], “Romeo Kastelluchchi ot A do Ya” [“Romeo Castellucci from A to Z”] (“The Most Famous Opera Performances,” 2020); “Muzyka—emotsiya, tekst—informatsiya”: bol’shoe interv’yu Romeo Kastelluchchi [“Music—emotion, text—information”: a great interview by Romeo Cas­tellucci] (Masters Journal).