Елена Гордиенко

Elena Gordienko

Theatre Critic, Culture Reseacher

Candidate of Philological Sciences (PhD)

2009 – Lomonosov Moscow State University (Faculty of Philology)
2011 – Paris-Sorbonne University (Master’s Programme 'Comparative Literature')
2016 – HSE, Faculty of Humanities (Master’s Programme 'Visual Culture')

Associate Professor of the Department of Cultural Studies and Social Communication at The School for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (SASH) is a research and education centre within the RANEPA Institute of Social Sciences. 

Associate Professor of the Department of Management and Cultural Policy of MSSES (The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences).

Teacher of literature and French at gymnasium №1514, Moscow. 

Author for peridicals SHAGI / Steps, Praxis and Interpretations, Stephanos, TEATR., Petersburg Theatre Magazine, Modern Drama.

Author of Telegram Channel 'Theatre and Academy'.