Елена Филатова

Elena Filatova

Council member of "Down Center” NGO (St. Petersburg)

Member of St. Petersburg Society of Orthodox Doctors, therapist and mother of a child with Down syndrome. Assistant to the Head of the  project "Light the Sun", supported by the Presidential Grants Fund, for the social adaptation of disabled children with Down syndrome and their families in St. Petersburg.

The public organization for disabled people “Down Center” was established in 2003 and is the only one in the region uniting more than 250 families, which include children or adults with Down syndrome. The most important areas of the organization’s activities: psychological and information support for families, organization of developing activities, participation in the movement to protect the rights of persons with disabilities, etc.

Members of the Down Center NGO participate in scientific, practical and educational seminars, promoting the organization’s goals and receiving information on the latest achievements in the rehabilitation of people with Down syndrome.