Александр Разбаш

Aleksandr Razbash

Actor, Director

Born in Ashgabat in 1979. In the early 90s, the family moved to St. Petersburg. In 1996 he entered the acting department of SPGUP, in the workshop of Z. Korogodsky. In 2011 he entered the higher director's courses at the St. Petersburg Film and Television Institute (SPGIKIT) in the workshop of S. M. Ovcharov. Razbash has directed several short films and documentaries. Participant and winner of many Russian and foreign film festivals.

He starred in more than 35 films and TV shows. He played his first roles in the films by Aleksandr Sokurov "Father and Son" and "Russian Ark", and also the films by Igor Maslennikov, Alexander Kott, Sergei Snezhkin and others.

As a dubbing actor, Razbash voiced many audio and television projects, feature films, TV series, cartoons ("Coco", "How to Train Your Dragon", "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", "Independence Day: Resurgence", etc.)

He played about 40 roles in theatrical productions. Collaborated with theaters: Baltic House, The Mironov Theatre (Russian Entreprise), The Ostrov Theatre, the Open Space TC, The Malyshchitsky Chamber Theatre.