Александр Хубеев

Aleksandr Khubeev


Composer, curator. In 2011 graduated from the faculty of composition and in 2014 finished postgraduate studies in the Moscow Conservatoire named after P. Tchaicovsky (class of composition under supervision of Yury Kasparov, class of electroacoustic music under supervision of Igor Kefalidi). Artistic director of the International Academy of Young Composers in the town of Tchaikovsky, co-founder and curator of composers' courses reMusik.org in St.Petersburg. Scholarship holder of the International courses in Darmstadt (Germany, 2014), winner of Gaudeamus Young composers' competition (the Netherlands, 2015), scholarship holder of the Berlin Academy of Art (2018), resident of the International Confederation of electroacoustic music CIME (2019), laureate of Aksenov Family Foundation programme Russian Music 2.0.