Vores mand i Amerika (2020)

biography, drama

Danish Wave. 12th Danish Film Festival

Within Russian-Danish collaboration, in association with the Embassy of Denmark in Moscow.

The 12th Danish Wave Festival is taking place this alarming, strange and unpredictable year: none of the most fantastic films would have predicted such global changes in reality. The works by the leading Danish directors, included in the festival program, were filmed before the pandemic and, naturally, do not touch upon the most pressing topic of our days - but they sound surprisingly relevant. Because in each film of the new Danish Wave the heroes find themselves at a turning point in their lives and face serious (even if it is a comedy) tests. Traditionally, the festival presents a wide range of contemporary Danish cinematography; variety is the motto of the show.

Vores mand i Amerika (The Good Traitor) is a detailed biography of the legendary politician Henrik Kaufmann, the Danish ambassador to the United States during the II World War. Selvhenter (Heavy Load) is a bold black comedy, an unorthodox version of a buddy movie. I Walk is an intimate video diary of the classic of Danish documentary Jorgen Leth. Harpiks (Resin) is a gothic thriller that borders on horror. Psykosia is a florid, surrealistic drama about the abyss of female nature. Ser du månen, Daniel is an action-packed film adaptation of the real story of a young photographer kidnapped by Syrian terrorists. All such different films agree on the main thing - attention to living human destinies in extreme situations; an indifferent look at the moment of making decisions is impossible.

All films are shown in the original language with Russian subtitles.