Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre, KARO 11 Oktyabr, Khudozhestvenniy, Moscow Film School, Poklonka Cinema Hall at The Victory Museum

Ariel Schweitzer
Curator, Film Critic

Ruthy Pribar

Alena Yiv

Moran Ifergan

Svetlana Pakhomova
Culturologist, teacher, researcher at the Museum of Jewish History in Russia

Anastasia Tikhonova
Film critic, teacher and graduate of the Moscow Film School

Oksana Agapova
Film Critic, Americanist

Gan Eden Avud | Joe + Belle

short | comedy, crime, drama

The parable of modern Adam and Eve + black comedy about two girls in love

Anashim Shehem Lo Ani (2016)

drama, romance

Melodrama on the eternal theme - searching for oneself among the unity of the dissimilar

Ariel Schweitzer: Public talk

"Women's View in Contemporary Israeli Cinema"

Muakah | Shiur Moledet: Avdei Hashem

short film collection

Two short films by Hadar Friedlich, winner of the Jerusalem Film Festival 2011

Women's Cinema of Israel

The screenings are timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Israel and Russia.

In 2021, the Women's Cinema of Israel will be shown in a parallel program of the Moscow International Film Festival. The opening of the program will take place on April 23 at the Khudozhestvenniy cinema. From 24 to 29 April, at the Oktyabr Cinema Center, viewers will see the works of directors who open up Israeli society in all its diversity.

The program, made with the participation of the Embassy of the State of Israel, film critics Ariel Schweizer and Alexander Kolbovsky, introduces us to different heroines. With Vivian trying to get a divorce letter in a religious court (Gett). With Mami fighting for her family and survival. With twelve-year-old Tamar shrouded in fears and worries on the eve of Bat Mitzvah (Shiur Moledet: Avdei Hashem). With mother Asia and her daughter Vika, who are rebuilding family ties.

Women directors also talk about different love: an accidental and fateful meeting at the airport (Aya), an almost wordless parable about modern Adam and Eve (Gan Eden Avud), a black comedy about two girls in love with their country and each other (Joe + Belle), the difficult story of the search for freedom-loving Joy (Anashim Shehem Lo Ani).

The films of the program are also an opportunity to see the country and its inhabitants with a curious, empathic look. Through the eyes of a taxi driver who lost his son (Muakah), female soldiers patrolling the streets of old Jerusalem (Karov La Bayit), or those who come to the Wailing Wall (Hakir).

The films will be presented by Israeli guests: film historian, film critic for Cahiers du Cinéma Ariel Schweizer, directors Moran Ifergan, Ruthy Pribar and the leading actrin the film Asia - Alena Yiv.

According to film critic Alexander Kolbovsky, "Women's cinema in Israel is lively, passionate, sometimes shocking, filled to the brim with sun and music, bringing joy and pain, charged with contradictory, sometimes excessive, but always sincere emotions."

All films are shown in their original language with Russian subtitles.