Strelka Film Festival by Okko

Sommaren med Monika (1953)


A history of two young lovers who decided to run away from a hometown

Bergman: A Year in a Life (2018)


A documentary's saga release concerning of the 100 anniversary of a great classic Ingmar Bergman: who was the Swedish genius?

Profile (2018)


A thriller about the British journalist who get into the system of the Islamic State propaganda

Lazzaro felice (2018)


Fantasy parable about the rustic young man and the time travels

Sauvage (2018)


An intimate portrait of a 22-year-old Leo who works as a street prostitute in Strasbourg.

Jumpman (2018)


The criminal drama with a soundtracks of Luna and Ivan Dorn is about a a guy who doesn't feel pain and throuws himself in front of the expensive cars.

Manbiki kazoku (2018)


A very touching social drama about a family of poor people, but no one is what they are supposed to be.

Core of the world (2018)


A drama about the veterinarian who is capable to help all around, except himself.