XX International Documentary Film Festival Flahertiana

11 December – 17 December

11 December, Friday

11 December 21:30 MSK

Not So Genetically | The Villager

Генетически не так | Хуторянин
A bright attempt to look into the eyes of a contemporary theater artist | Observation film about human life and nature
Language: Russian, russian subtitles
11 December 22:50
Q&A with the directors

12 December, Saturday

12 December 22:20 MSK

Lenchik | One

Ленчик | Один
From America with love! An unusual story of homecoming | A film about finding a place in a new devastated world
Language: Russian
12 December 23:30
Q&A with the directors

13 December, Sunday

13 December 22:30 MSK

Alfaromeo | The Golden Buttons | Paper Worlds of Latif Kazbekov

Альфаромео | Золотые пуговицы | Бумажные миры Латифа Казбекова
A film sketch about the power to be weak | The brightest student premiere of 2020! | Film-guide to the world of the artist
Language: Russian, russian subtitles
13 December 23:40
Q&A with the directors

14 December, Monday

14 December 22:30 MSK

Winter Twerk | Restless Nastya

Зимний тверк | Беспокойная Настя
An important social statement and real director's luck | Explosive film about a woman and love
Language: Russian, russian subtitles
14 December 23:30
Q&A with the directors

15 December, Tuesday

15 December 22:00 MSK

15 days | Kids | The First Word

15 дней | Малыши | Слово первое
A Christmas story about childhood and growing up | A touching and intimate observation of the smallest and the oldest | Love-hate relationships – who wins?
Language: Russian, russian subtitles
15 December 23:20
Q&A with the directors

16 December, Wednesday

16 December 22:30 MSK

Don't Hesitate To Come For a Visit, Mom | Novoshino | Ninety First

Приезжай к нам в гости, мама | Новошино | Девяносто первый
Gadgets and motherly love | The most optimistic film of the student competition | An inspirational story for those on the way to their dreams
Language: Russian
16 December 23:20
Q&A with the directors

XX International Documentary Film Festival Flahertiana

Flahertiana is one of the largest documentary film events in Russia.
The 20th anniversary festival will be held in a new format: screenings and discussions of films in competition will take place online.
The competition program is the heart of Flahertiana. There are 47 amazing documentary film stories that have been waiting for a whole year to meet their audience.
You will go on a cruise with a real Scottish baron in King of the Cruise, escape from Iran with a young family to meet love in Love Child, learn Christmas secrets that are kept in the Chinese town in Merry Christmas, Yiwu. These and other stories from all over the world – in the International Competition of “Flahertiana-2020”.
The National Competition brings together small stories and epic documentaries from the life of Russians. Ural stand-up comedians (Stand-up is Pain), a philosophic reindeer herder from Yakutia (Northern Wind Can Be Warm), young idealistic teachers (Hey! Teachers!) and witnesses of the Second World War (Wilfred and Alexandra) – each film hero of "Russian Flahertiana" has a story to tell.
Diversity and versatility are the main distinguishing features of the Student Competition. Traditionally, уoung directors are not afraid of difficult topics: with talent and honesty, they film emigration (Lenchik), ageing (Kids), relationships within the family (The First Word), love and death (One).
All films of the festival correspond to the aesthetics of Robert Flaherty, the filmmaker whose name was given to Flahertiana. The main method of Flahertiana’s films is a long-term observation, "habitual camera". The main character lives on the screen a part of his life, and it is captured the way it is. Films of Flahertiana line up in a gallery of portraits of contemporaries and thus draw a line under the outgoing year of world documentary cinema.
Don’t miss the announcement of the full festival program, subscribe to the pages of the festival on social networks: Facebook and VKontakte.


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