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Давай разведёмся!
Let's get a divorce!

Country: Russia
Year: 2019
Director: Anna Parmas
Cast: Anna Mikhalkova, Svetlana Kamynina, Anton Filipenko
Genres: comedy, romance
Language: Russian
Translation: english subtitles
Time: 1 hour 32 minutes
Возраст: 12+

The heroine of the film is a gynaecologist, who was left by her husband. When a man leaves a woman he doesn’t only take a toothbrush and a shaver with him. He takes also all the expectations for the future. Surely, it would be nobler to let the husband go to the other one and give him back all the promises. But strong women are used to fighting for their joy. She starts a desperate battle for her faithless husband Misha. She is not ready to give up with him and let him go to the fitness trainer Oksana. However, the forces are uneven. Masha is way over 30, while Oksana is in her early twenties. On the other hand, Masha has the benefit of experience and two young kids. In such a situation she is ready to do her best and try any method, including the help of the mystical powers. And young Oksana bases on her feelings only. As well as on her beautiful body, gorgeous hair and indefatigable mettle. Who would win and take the main prize? And what happens, when the dream of one of them comes true?

Awards and festivals:

Sochi Open Russian Film Festival – participation