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Эрнест и Селестина зимой
Ernest et Célestine, La Collection

Country: France
Year: 2017
Directors: Julien Chheng, Jean-Christophe Roger
Genres: animation, family
Language: French
Translation: dubbed
Time: 45 minutes
Возраст: 0+

This movie is a compilation of four short films starring Ernest, a bear from Charabie (an imaginary country) and Célestine, a little mouse, two characters created by Gabrielle Vincent, a talented author of youth literature. The first story is called Bibi, from the name of a wild goose whom they took care of, last year. As Ernest and Célestine are flying a kite in the garden, they can see wild geese migrating, since winter is approaching. They wonder if Bibi will return one day and visit them. They remember how they found the little bird hatching out of her egg in the grass. They named her Bibi, fed her with worms, and taught her how to fly so she could go along her fellows and migrate. In the second short film, “Le Bouton d’accordéon” (the accordion button), Ernest is worried because he can’t properly play the accordion. A button is missing, and neither he nor Célestine can find it. They suspect the Green Mouse (a famous mouse from a French children’s song) of having stolen it. The third story, called The Mice Annual Dance, shows Ernestine and her friends getting ready for the great evening. Unfortunately, Célestine’s gown is blown away by a gust. There is an urgent need for a solution… Finally, in The blizzard, the fourth and last story, the weather becomes colder and colder. All the bears are preparing to hibernate. All the bears? No! Ernest promises Célestine that he is not going to let her down and hibernate like the others. After all, doesn’t he come from Charabie, where bears are accustomed with very low temperatures? Will Ernest be able to resist sleeping?

Awards and festivals:

Cartoons on the Bay — Best Preschool Tv Series
Annecy Film Festival — participation
Shanghai TV Festival — participation